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BCCS’ primary curriculum is from BJU Press (Bob Jones University) which provides educational materials written from a Biblical worldview that focuses on academic rigor and encourages critical thinking – all supported by appropriate educational technology.  We currently use the Christian Classroom Online model that allows students to work independently facilitated by local teachers providing hands on individual help.

Our Pre-K class uses the prestigious and well known Abeka Curriculum which features a traditional approach to teaching and learning, cross-subject integration, spiral review, and plenty of hands-on activities.  This Christian curriculum has helped thousands of preschools successfully prepare children for a lifetime of learning.

Academic Accountability

Brown County Christian School is not accredited by any outside agencies; however, academic integrity and rigor is still a high priority.  With the leadership and guidance of the Central Texas Education Center board, made up of experienced educators, administrators, and business owners, we seek to uphold high standards for our school and students.  We have diligently sought out the Christian curriculum that best meets the needs of our students, provides a Biblical worldview, and upholds academic rigor.

BCCS ensures that students meet minimum Texas state graduation credit requirements, and students who graduate with us will receive a non-accredited certificate of completion in lieu of an accredited diploma.   Students may still go on to college and other institutes of higher education with this certificate.

According to Texas Education Code §51.9241, because the State of Texas considers successful completion of a nontraditional secondary education (which includes non-accredited private school) to be equivalent to graduation from a public high school, an institution of higher education must treat an applicant for admission to the institution as an undergraduate student who presents evidence that the person has successfully completed a nontraditional secondary education according to the same general standards, including specific standardized testing score requirement. (

We plan to work towards accreditation in the coming years.

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