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Dual Credit Texas

Brown County Christian School offers dual credit for High School students.   It allows students to take college classes at reduced costs and gain credits for both High School and College.

The first step for students interested in Dual Credit Classes is to have a meeting with their parents and the High School Counselor to discuss qualifications, applications steps, and options.

Dual Credit Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Dual Credit?
Dual credit is a system in which an eligible high school student successfully completes a college course(s) that
is paired to a high school course required for graduation and receives credit for the course on both the college
and the high school transcripts Texas Education Code (TEC) §28.009

2. How will a student benefit from participating in a dual credit program?
• Students will receive college credit and high school credit simultaneously.
• Students can graduate from high school with transferable college credits.
• Students can fast‐track their undergraduate or workforce degrees.
• Student may save on tuition and fees by reducing the time to complete a degree.
• Students will have access to a full range of college student support services while in high school to aid them in a smooth transition to college after graduation.

3. How are grades received for dual credit classes?

The college teaching the class is responsible for all grading.  At the end of the course, grades will be sent to the High School from the college and added to the student's transcript.  Dual Credit grades are unweighted for GPA calculation.

4.  Who pays for dual credit courses?

Parents will pay for dual credit courses directly to the college providing the courses.  After enrollment, each college has their own student portals where students will have access to bills, course schedules, grades, etc.   Parents can expect to pay for books and fees in addition to tuition costs.  Some classes may offer ebooks, so you may want to check with the college and instructors before purchasing text books.

5. Who enrolls students for dual credit courses?

Parents, students, and the High School enrollment representative will work together to choose classes.  The High School representative will be responsible for submitting requested courses to the college.  This ensures students are enrolled as dual credit and as a regular student avoiding higher tuition fees.


6. Will you take my child to on campus classes?

BCCS does not provide transportation to and from college campuses for dual credit classes.  Parents should make arrangements or licensed students may drive themselves.  Students are allowed to work on online dual credit classes on the BCCS campus around their scheduled BCCS classes and during free time.

 7. Is there financial aid available for dual credit students?
No, federal financial aid is not available for dual credit students. Federal financial aid is only awarded after high school graduation or successful completion of a high school equivalency program.

  • For 10th grade students and above

  • Students must pass college readiness testing

  • Online or On Campus Classes

  • Christian curriculum

  • Tuition - $100/hr

  • If students attend Howard Payne University after graduation, students receive a scholarship equivalent to dual credit tuition amount paid.

  • Class sessions available:  Fall, January, Spring, Summer

Ranger College
  • For 9th grade students and above

  • Students must pass college readiness testing for most academic classes (some electives do not require passing grade)

  • Online or On Campus Classes

  • Secular curriculum

  • Tuition - $70/hr academic courses   $85/hr CTE courses

  • Ranger has a pathway to allow students to earn an Associate's degree upon graduating HS

  • Class sessions available:  Fall, Wintermester (Christmas Break), Spring, Maymester, and Summer

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