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Student Admissions

As a Christian school, our heart is to educate in all aspects of a child’s life by cultivating spiritual, mental, physical, and social growth.  We want to nurture your child’s development through excellent academic programs, taught from a Biblical worldview, so that they may be examples unto the world—lighted candles bathing those around them in the illumination of Christ.  With that passion as the driving force behind our educational program, our faculty and staff have dedicated their lives to Christ and to the task of helping students realize their God-given potential. To assist students in their quest for knowledge and growth, BCCS offers a rigorous, Biblically integrated college preparatory program.

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Tuition and Fees

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Tuition, Fees, and Discounts

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Full-Time Students

Pre-K  (3 yr & 4 yr)   Full or Half-Day:     $600  (Annual Fee)      $3,650  (Tuition)             $4,250 Total Annual Costs

Kindergarten – 12th grade                      $600 (Annual Fee)       $6,000  (Tuition)            =  $6,600 Total Annual Costs

**The Annual Fee is non-refundable and cannot be prorated; outstanding fee balance will be due in full upon withdrawal.


Included in Senior Tuition

Diploma preparation, senior activities coordinating, ACT/SAT preparation assistance, scholarship preparation, career counseling, college/continued education counseling, transcript, and student records information.

School Supplies

Most school supplies are included in the annual fee.  Parents only need to provide a backpack, a lunchbox, and a water bottle.  Pre-K students will also need a blanket and small pillow.   Students also have the option to bring their own device (tablet or laptop) for schoolwork.


Referral Discounts

A new student who enrolls and is referred by a current BCCS parent or family is eligible for a $500.00 referral discount when they name their referrer.  The named referring parent also receives an equal discount.


There is no cap on this, but the guidelines are as follows:

  1. The referring parent or family MUST be named by the new student and fill out the referral discount paperwork in the office.
  2. If a parent can get tuition and fees fully covered by referrals, the school will not pay them extra.  This is simply to cover school fees and tuition.
  3. For partial year enrollment, the referral discount is prorated.
  4. Both parties, the referrer and referee, must be enrolled 

Multiple Student Discount

When a family has more than one student enrolled at BCCS, the following discounts are awarded per family.  Discounts for partial-year enrollment will be prorated to reflect actual days enrolled.

2 students – $250
3 students – $500
4 students – $1,000
5 students – $2,000

Senior Discount

Any senior enrolled in five classes or less is eligible for a proportional discount; please see the Academic Administrator for details.


Tuition Assistance

BCCS will provide scholarships on an as-needed basis and as the Lord provides.  Scholarship recipients are required to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA and keep current on financial payments.  For an application or more information, contact the school office or download it from our resource page..


BCCS offers financial assistance by awarding aid to families based solely on demonstrated financial need.  The awarded amounts range from 5% to 45% of tuition cost per child depending upon need with consideration for family size, income, and past payment history (returning families).  Allocations will be made dependent upon available funds which are generated from special giving or by donors for the scholarship funds/tuition assistance program.

Interested in giving toward scholarships?  You may do so here.

Homeschool Extracurricular Participation

Homeschool students may join BCCS for sports and extracurricular activities as long as they are enrolled in a minimum of one class at BCCS.  Individual classes are prorated at $1,100 ($1,000 tuition and $100 non-refundable annual fee).

Homeschool Partnership

K – 12th Grade          $100 (Annual Fee per class)     $1,000 (Tuition per class)    =  $1,100 Total per class

Additional Costs/Fees

Return Check Fee:  A fine of $25.00 will be charged for returned checks.


Late Fee Delinquency:  On outstanding balances for tuition, fundraiser amounts due, and other charges will be subject to a late fee of $25 if not brought current within 30 days.


Distance Learning

K – 12th Grade        $600  (Annual Fee)     $4,400  (Tuition)       =  $5,000 (Total Annual Amount)

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